This job was working on the character profile intros for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Animation and compositing duties on 'Ajax' and 'Battery' bios, using lookdev and 3D assets developed by the team.
Client - Activision/Treyarch
Studio - Spov
Creative & Design Director - Andrea Braga
Design Leads - James Brocklebank, Miles Christensen
3D & Comp Lead - Mantas Grigaitis
3D & FX Lead - Julio Dean
3D Team - Marcel Piekarski, Jim Greenslade, Marco Gifuni
Character Animation Lead - Tammy Smith
Character Animation - Mindwalk,
FX and Simulations - Javier Verdugo, Xevi Polo, Adam Roche
2D Animation - Luis Ribeiro, Pedro Cyrne, Samantha Thompson, Kieran Gee-Finch Ryan Phelan
2D Design - Khairul 'Keko' Ahmed, Yugen Blake
Producer - Gerri McCarthy
Assistant Producers - Samia Ahmed,
Sound Design - Zelig Sound
Music - Treyarch
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